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Zoran Sevic said:   November 5, 2010 11:44 am PST
Hello, my name is Zoran Sevic and I am a 5th black in Kenpo. After almost 30 years in the martial arts, I have trained with many instructors from a variety of systems. GM Torok is the real deal. He has the skill to back it up and an exceptional teaching expertise. A potent 1-2 combination for any student. I recommend GM Torok to any new or experienced student out there.

Mason Lang said:   November 5, 2010 10:39 am PST
I started training with Grandmaster Torok when i was in 7th grade (early years of 2000). Grandmaster Torok didn't just teach me an amazing martial art which is very well rounded and known for its street self defense. But also gave me as a young man growing up the skills and confidence to push ahead in life and feel good about myself. He was, and still is in many ways a great role model to me. In every way did Grandmaster Torok deserve the title handed before him. He has many years of experience in the art and has expanded it beyond the styles means. Over all he is an amazing teacher, and friend! Mason Lang, IL

Jim Criscimagna said:   November 5, 2010 9:06 am PST
I studied with Grandmaster Torok for several years while living in DeKalb, IL while working on my degree at Northern Illinois University. Not only was Grandmaster Torok a great teacher of the art of karate, but a great teacher of life for me in those years (in the mid 70s). I am so pleased to learn that he is going to open up a studio in his new home (TN). Those folks are very lucky as Grandmaster Torok is well connected within his style and a true treasure to the community and surrounding area. Jim Criscimagna Escondido, CA

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