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Program Information

Program Information

Lessons may be tailored to your individual interests in areas such as striking (punching & kicking), hand-to-hand combat, reality-based self defense, fitness, weapons, forms, sparring, tournament competition, or in specialized areas such as Kali/Escrima (stick & knife fighting) or Chanbara (padded weapons full contact). We emphasize developing strong basics such as coordination, speed, balance, focus and power.   Students may also work toward certified ranking in Kajukenbo. To find out more about Kajukenbo, search the Web.

Class Schedule:  Call for class times

Regularly scheduled classes are at our facility in Dover, but classes can be held at your location. We can tailor classes for your group for any time limit. Please contact us to discuss your situation.

There is a free initial consultation in order to determine your interests and our ability to meet them.

Rates for lessons vary according to classes selected. Most classes are private and semi-private and rates are very reasonable.

Rates for specially arranged classes are determined on an individual basis and will include travel time.

Regular classes are for ages 13 through seniors. We can schedule children's classes for groups of 4 or more for a designated period. We also offer seminars and lectures on selected martial arts subjects such as anti-bullying, fitness for seniors, law enforcement and military applications, or topics to be determined.

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